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Nick Rothos Entrepreneur


Nick Rothos

Nikolaos Rothos is a versatile entrepreneur who operates in the construction, real estate and catering sectors. He has earned a name for himself as a general contractor who handles the design, building and management of various real estate projects. He is not only a builder, but also a restaurateur and an event planner. He has been running several restaurants for more than 20 years, gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience in the catering and event industries. This unique combination of skills led him to establish his own development and construction company in 2016, which now has a staff of around fifteen full-time employees.

Nick is driven by innovation. He is known for his dedication to incorporating new technologies into every aspect of his businesses. He aims to transform the future of the industry by using the latest innovations to improve construction and management processes. This progressive approach has won him the respect and admiration of his colleagues and customers.

He was involved in managing construction projects related to his restaurants and his real estate investments before becoming a general contractor. This gave him a solid understanding of the specific challenges and opportunities of real estate projects, and it influenced his practical and goal-oriented approach.

Nick Rothos is passionate about travel. He sees travel as a way to get inspired and rejuvenated. He likes to travel with his family, which shows his values of balancing his professional and personal life. It is this holistic vision that sets him apart as a successful entrepreneur, visionary leader and well-rounded individual.


Nick Rothos interview in the Montreal Gazette

Nick Rothos is an entrepreneur who works in the fields of construction, real estate development and catering. He is the founder of Dville, a company that offers industrial and commercial spaces for sale in Brossard.

According to an article published by the Montreal Gazette, Rothos agrees with the idea that businesses should invest in their own spaces as rents are increasing. He says that buying property gives businesses the opportunity to build equity and value, as well as to control and stabilize their operating costs. He also says that property appreciation is influenced by factors such as inflation, supply and demand, which are mostly favorable for owners. He warns that rents could soon reach Toronto-like levels, based on industry predictions, and that businesses should evaluate buying as a more viable option. He claims that Ndustria, his latest project in Brossard, is the last industrial development on Boulevard Matte, where inventory is exceptionally limited. He also says that obtaining property financing for owner-occupied spaces is more accessible than some may think, and that he has seen people get financing up to 100 per cent from major financial institutions.

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